•  General Business Websites - covers the full spectrum of website development
  •  Marketing & Promotional Websites - special websites with videos and product displays
  •  Online Training Course Websites - Hosted on our Secure Servers
  •  Cloud Based  Online Training Course Websites - to meet client specifications/requirements
  •  Ecommerce Websites - using different platforms as applies to method and products, cloud-based or hosted
  •  Mobile Friendly Websites - websites which show equally well on mobile devices and desktops
  •  Special Projects as Requested - we do these all the time for many different types of clients

We also write content:
Quite often, it is necessary for us to author content for our clients.
A recent example included our creation of emergency response procedures for retail tenant's in a shopping mall area of several high-rise building in NYC.  We researched the subjects and created an easy-to-follow tutorial mobile app for the employees of the tenant's stores.  There were over 40 retailers involved in this project and we delivered a complete product for the client and tenant end-users.

OF cHOICE IS joomla!

Since 2005, when Joomla! was forked from Mambo,
we have been using the platform for the development of websites.  However, we also build websites using other platforms, such as: html, bootstrap, Wordpress and others.

Of course, based on website configurations and requirements, we will build projects on many other platforms, including the most popular online cloud-based systems like Wix, Squarespace and others.

We have also authored three books on the use of the Joomla! CMS platform.  Click on the next tab above more more info.

Websites our team has created:

We have published four books on the Joomla! CMS platform

All of our books are available online at amazon.com (click on book images).

Of course, the books for Version 1.6 and 3.0 are outdated insomuch as the more recent
Joomla! version release is 4.x.  There was no version 2. The new Joomla! 5 is on the horizon
and we have published the first in a multiple book series for that version - also currently available on Amazon.