Use our prepared courses as a starting point:

For fast implementation of either type of our courses for use in your company, you can use our prepared materials or use your own.  As an alternative, we can use our format plus your materials and create a customized hybrid series of lessons for each.

Because our courses were designed meet the FDNY requirements, they are a good place to start.  The FDNY requirements are the most stringent in the country, so all courses should be more than adequate to comply with local rules and regulations, if any are in place.  From that standpoint we can integrate your EAP Plan's content, into the courses, make modifications and/or changes as may be necessary to conform with your locally approved plan.

Our Online EAP Training Coursea have been used by major property owners and managers in NYC for over 11 years.  They still remain in continuous use as the FDNY  required annual "refresher course" requirements and have been updated several times to conform to EAP Plan requirement changes, re: "Combined Comprehensive" format.

Staff or Tenant personnel create learning accounts to enroll into their respective courses, which takes less than 1.5 hours to complete, after which, they can access and print a Certificate of Completion.

Courses for Building Staff Pe‚Äčrsonnel:

Building Staff personnel, in their assigned EAP roles, have specific actions they take during an emergency.  The Fire Life Safety Director will declare the EAP should be impletemented, at which time, Building Staff perform certain predetermined actions, which are a key part of the Building's Emergency Action Plan.

These courses mirror the topics covered for the Warden's training, but are framed from the perspective of what actions, and the reasons for doing so, Building Staff must take when a specific incident's EAP is implemented.  These actions, of course, are different than those of the Warden's but have some over-lapping similarities.

All Building Staff should take an annual "referesher course" on EAP implementation actions and these courses meet those requirements.

Tenant's Wardens, Deputy Wardens & Searcher Courses:

Building Tenants appoint Wardens, Deputy Wardens and Searchers who take specific actions in response to Fire- and Non-Fire Emergencies, and a special course format has been developed towards that training goal.

When an incident takes place, and the Building's Fire Life Safety Director declares the EAP for a specific incident should be implemented, the Tenant's employees must comply with the instructions.  The Tenant's appointed staff is responsible to ensure the EAP procedures are followed and that employees of their company take the required actions.

Warden's, Deputy Wardens & Searchers are key personnel for the implementation to an EAP at the tenant level.  These courses help them perform these assignments.