Ideal for Office Buildings, Business Parks,
Shopping Malls, Schools, College Campuses

Apps to guide staff, employees, tenants, faculty and students
in the event of crisis or emergencies. Each course and app
customized for your physical plant and unique circumstances.

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We can build websites on most all coding foundations and have done so many times. In fact, we even wrote two books on the popular Joomla! open-source platform that has sold thousands of copies.



No mobile app? Then, you are behind the curve and need to design and deploy one right now that helps you market your business and services. Mobile apps bring in new and help retain existing customers.



With the millions of mobile devices, including mobile device Push-Notifications and Coupons/Offers is essential. You're competors are doing it. You might want to make sure you are too!



This is HOT! Geo-Location and Push-Notifications right onto the desktop via the Chrome and Safari browsers. The potential for converting website visitors with our system is incredible! Look into this now!

What We Do!


Joomla! 3 & HTML/CSS Website Development

Who knows how many websites later and two published books sold world-wide, our website building skills are honed sufficiently to build an kind of website. We usually build on the Joomla! 3 platform, that includes MySQL databases and other such technical stuff. Wesite are subjective, so let us review your needs and discuss them with you. And, oh yes, we now make sure that websites a fully responsive to show up properly on search engines having that requirement.


Mobile App Design, Hosting and Deployment

If you are a business and don't have a mobile app, you are missing out on many opportunities to market yourself and your products. Almost every adult now carries a mobile device and checks it 150+ times a day. With a mobile app, you can feature your products and services AND "push out" offers and purchasing incentives to new customers, as well as help retain existing ones. There are many innovative ways of doing both. Talk to us about them.


Related Graphics, Design & Production

When building website and mobile apps, the creative side is important. Of course, the most important thing is "content," which should be the first and most important consideration. After that, making decisions on "how" things should look on a website or in a mobile app, well, that's our job. We can design both that meet your exisitng graphic standards, or create a whole new corporate look and incorporate that into all the designs for website and mobile viewing.


Mobile Geo-Fencing and Proximity Notifications

Geo-fencing? What is it? When a mobile device with your app installed enters a given geographical location radius, the device is triggered by a signal that sends either a message or a graphic image to the device. These messages can be alerts about an event, sale or happening. The graphic can be a coupon or some other business-building offering. Customers will appreciate the notifications and visit your establishment more often if told about discounts.


Area and Local iBeacon Technology

This is new stuff and can really crank up retail sales. If your store is in a strip mall, and you deploy an iBeacon, you can pull in more business. You can deploy close-proximity iBeacons within your establishment to trigger on-the-spot offers on selected items. If you have a large store, you can literally steer customers to the locations where you have products on sale or are offering special purchasing incentives. iBeacons do work, can be easily managed.


Browser-based Geo-Fencing & Push Notifications

Imagine having Geo-Location AND Push-Notifications available on your website. Yes, we can do that. When people visitor your website, you can offer them specials and discounts based on where they are located - right down to the street level. This isn't a radius thing. This is street by street desktop browser locations that can offer the same features as a mobile device. This includes both coupons and notifications to those viewers access from home computers.